Southern troglodicus

Troglodicus meridionale Tabacaru, 1967

Bulgarosoma meridionale: Tabacaru, 1967: 20.

Order Chordeumatida

Family Anthroleucosomatidae

Conservation status: in Bulgaria: Critically endangered CR [B2a, b (ii) D].

General distribution. Bulgaria.

Distribution and abundance in Bulgaria. A local endemic known only from the Imamova Dupka cave (Yagodinska cave) near the village of Yagodina (Devin region) [1, 2, 3]. In an investigation of the cave in April 2005, 15 individuals were caught, mainly in the dark interior parts.

Habitats. A troglobiont. It inhabits dark and wet galleries rich in organic matter rotting wood or bat guano.

Biology. Unknown. Saprophagous and detritophagous.

Similar species. Troglodicus tridentifer, inhabiting the Cheleveshka Dupka cave (Cheleveshnitsata) near the village of Orehovo (Asenovgrad region).

Negative factors. The electrification of the cave for tourist purposes and the permanent flow of visitors. The flooding of some of the galleries in the different years (for the last time in December 2004) also has a negative effect on the numbers of the species.

Conservation measures taken. Buynovsko gorge, in which Yagodinska cave is situated, is declared a Protected Site (1971). In 2006, the preparation of a management plan for the Buynovsko Gorge began.

Conservation measures needed. Studies on the biology of the species aimed at clarifying the measures for its preservation.

References. 1. Tabacaru, 1967; 2. Golemansky & Lipa, 1991; Curcic & Makarov, 2000.

Author: Pavel Stoev

Southern troglodicus (distribution map)

Southern troglodicus (drawing)