Troglohyphantes of Drenski

Troglohyphantes drenskii Deltshev, 1873

Order Araneae

Family Linyphiidae

Conservation status: in Bulgaria: Critically endangered CR.

General distribution. Bulgaria.

Distribution and abundance in Bulgaria. A local endemic known from the Suhata Peshtera cave near Velingrad [1, 2]. There are no data of the abundance of the population.

Habitats. Caves.

Biology. A troglobiont with an unstudied biology. It builds small nets between stones, between the grooves of the stalactites or in holes on the clay floor of the cave.

Similar species. Troglohyphantes bureshianus, from which it differs in the copulation organs and the reduced eyes.

Negative factors. Use of the caves for industrial purposes; illegal tourism. A potential threat for the Suhata cave is the presence of two quarries for the extraction of inert materials in the area of the cave.

Conservation measures taken. None.

Conservation measures needed. Declaring the cave a Protected Site.

References. 1. Deltshev, 1973; 2. Deltshev & Blagoev, 2001.

Author: Christo Deltshev

Troglohyphantes of Drenski (distribution map)

Troglohyphantes of Drenski (drawing)