Pisidium supinum A. Schmidt, 1851

Order Veneroida

Family Sphaeriidae

Conservation status: in Bulgaria: Extinct EX.

General distribution. Europe and part of West Siberia.

Distribution and abundance in Bulgaria. Found in the surroundings of Maslen Nos Cape, about 70 years ago [1]. Stored in the National Museum in Prague. The species is reported by Czech malacologist O. Kroupa [1].

Habitat. Rheophil, related to rivers, occasionally found in lakes as well [2]. Prefer sand or poorly silt ground. Found also in pure marsh waters, attached to water vegetation [3].

Biology. No data

Similar species. A total of 12 species of genus Pisidium has been established in Bulgaria, part of that is difficulty distinguished.

Negative factors. Loss and degradation of habitats, getting dried; reasons inside the species, restricted distribution, low density.

Conservation measures taken. None.

References. 1. Angelov, 1984; 2. Korniushin, 1996; 3. Angelov, 2000.

Author: Zdravko Hubenov

Pisidium (distribution map)

Pisidium (drawing)