Hauffenia lucidulaAngelov, 1967

Horatia (Hauffenia) lucidulus: Angelov, 1967: 145.

Order Mesogastropoda

Family Hydrobiidae

Conservation status: in Bulgaria: Critically endangered CR [B2a, b; C2a-II; E].

General distribution. Bulgaria.

Distribution and abundance in Bulgaria. A local endemic found in two wells in the vicinity of Taukliman bay (Northeastern Bulgaria) (14 living individuals) [1, 2].

Habitats. Ground waters and springs. The saltiness of the water in the wells where it was found is about 1. A stygo- and crenobiont.

Biology. No data.

Similar species. None.

Negative factors. Restricted distribution; loss and degradation of habitats caused by man; tourism and relaxation; extraction and pollution of the waters.

Conservation measures taken. None.

Conservation measures needed. Maintenance and preservation of the habitat; specification of a protected territory around the springs that are the only habitat of the species. Studies on the biology and ecology for specifying nature-protection measures and monitoring.

References. 1. Angelov, 1984; 2. Angelov, 2000.

Author: Zdravko Hubenov

Hauffenia (distribution map)

Hauffenia (drawing)