Digital edition

Red Data Book of the Republic of Bulgaria

The digital editon of the Red Data Book is developed by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences as a project funded by the Enterprise for management of environmental protection activities at the Ministry of Environment and Water.


Valko Biserkov

Managing Editor

Radka Fikova


Dobrin Dobrev

Antoaneta Petrova


Jordan Biserkov


Ivan Yanchev, 2M Studio

video for Otter: Lyubomir Andreev

* * *

Recommended citation: Biserkov, V. et. al. (ed.) 2015. Digital edition of Red Data Book of Republic of Bulgaria. BAS & MOEW, Sofia

The digital edition is part of a joint project for a print and digital edition of the Red Data Book of the Republic of Bulgaria. It includes the full informaiton from the print edition, enriched with videos, extended photogallery, higher-resolution drawings, distribution maps with relief in color, as well as searching and sorting capabilities.

The joint project is carried out under the supervision of

Editorial Board


Vasil Golemanski

Managing Editor

Valko Biserkov


Dimirar Peev

Nesho Chipev

Petar Beron

The print edition has three volumes:

vol 1 Plants and Fungi (54 MB)

Editor-in-Chief - Dimirar Peev

vol 2 Animals (18 MB)

Editor-in-Chief -  Vasil Golemanski

vol 3 Natural habitats (55 MB)

Editor-in-Chief - Valko Biserkov.